Ruby and Amethyst is one of three short stories released in Burst 1 of the Gem-to-Gem series. It's by far the shortest at only 80 words, whereas Pearl and Peridot is 169 and Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire is 362.

Story Edit

“Oh, oh, and also? There’s a really great pizza place, and a hamburger one, and uhhh, some burrito places.” Amethyst said, ticking them off on her fingers as she and Ruby wandered about eating frozen yogurt.

“Neat!” Ruby exclaimed. “Man, Earth has upgraded since I last saw it.”

“Totally.” Amethyst nodded.

Ruby looked up and her eyes brightened. “Race you to the water!”

“You’re on!” Amethyst yelled and the two chased after each other all the way to the waves.