Pearl and Peridot is a story released in Burst 1 of Gem-to-Gem. It focuses on Pearl and Peridot.

Story Edit

Pearl and Peridot worked in silent concentration, stabbing, tying, testing, painting, tightening, and testing again until they exchanged delighted looks.

“Haha! With this clever new piece of gemtech, Homeworld will have no might against us!” Peridot yelled in triumph, raising the invention in the air.

“We made a tin can telephone.” Pearl pointed out, observing the smaller gem with a look of amusement on her face.

“The best tin can telephone to ever exist!” Peridot cried.

Pearl ruffled Peridot’s hair with a wry smile.

“HEY!” Peridot said indignantly. The look of annoyance soon faded as she pondered something else.

“Do you think we could recreate my limb enhancers?” she asked hopefully.

Pearl sighed and shook her head. “Those were very advanced. I don’t think so.”

Peridot’s face fell.

“We still have these?” Pearl offered, holding up the tin cans that Peridot had been using to walk on.

“Wanna help me paint them?” Peridot said excitedly, her sadness forgotten.

Pearl smiled in relief at seeing the green Gem happy. “Sure.”