Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire is a story from Burst 1 of Gem-to-Gem. It is by far the longest and most detailed of the stories yet.

Story Edit

Lapis hovered in the sky over the ocean. Sapphire was posed on a small chunk of ice on top of the waves.

“So.” Lapis said, clearing her throat. “You...ever heard of meep morps?”

Sapphire shook her head.

“Oh, uh, it’s like music, but with objects. Like, uh, here. I’ll show you.”’

Lapis raised a hand and the water spun into the air. Lapis flicked her fingers, and the water split into six gemstones-Ruby’s, Sapphire’s, Peridot’s, Pearl’s, Lapis’s, and Amethyst’s. Lapis squashed the shapes together and formed a giant, spinning star.

“That’s the basic idea. We have some more back at the barn?” Lapis offered.

“I’d love to see that.” Sapphire said.

Sapphire scratched a final letter in the ground with a stick. “Okay, now.” she said, and Lapis nodded and gently trickled water in the pool five feet away from Sapphire. The water trickled down, splitting into many paths until, by the time it reached Sapphire, there were at least seventeen rivers flowing. In front of Sapphire was written “The future.”

“That’s really impressive.” said Lapis. “For a first meep morp, I’d say it looks like you might have a talent.”

“I am simply talented at seeing the future and the occasional burst of speed. I am not made for creating symbolic sculptures.” Sapphire said, her face not changing an iota.

Lapis frowned and, careful as so not to disturb the meep morp, flew over to the smaller Gem.

“Sapph, I know this sounds dumb coming from me, but this is Earth. You. can. Be. anything. And you are a Crystal Gem. You are a permafusion. You are defying Homeworld with every gross yet adorable flirtation you and Ruby share. And you are good at things that Sapphire aren’t “supposed” to be. And that means meep morps and anything else you want to be.”

Sapphire sat quiet for a second following the impromptu speech and then hugged Lapis tightly. Lapis flinched at the sudden and dramatic contact, but then relaxed and hugged Sapphire back. The flying Gem was polite enough not to mention the line of tears trickling down Sapphire’s nose, and Sapphire didn’t mention the tears welling in Lapis’s eyes.