Dioprase is the fusion of Sapphire and Peridot.

Personality Edit

Dioprase is a very curious fusion. When she fuses, she seems to lose most of her Peridot knowledge and usually wishes to regain it. She combines Peridot's love of Camp Pining Hearts with Sapphire's future vision and writes many........many..........many.............many theories about it, which often prove correct (aside from the one about Pierre turning out to be Peridot in disguise).

Powers Edit

Immobilization-The ability to turn anything temporarily unable to move.

Relationships Edit

Dioprase is friendly and open to most of the Crystal Gems. She holds a fondness for Charoite, Lapis Lazuli and Ruby's fusion, and they aren't allowed to be in action simultaneously as they just flirt the whole time and never get anything done.

Fusions Edit

When fused with Pearl, Ruby, Amethyst, and Lapis Lazuli, they form Mystic Quartz.

When fused with Ruby, they form Watermelon Tourmaline.

When fused with Pearl, Ruby, Amethyst, Steven, Jasper, and Lapis Lazuli, they form Black Opal.